149 Marketing Magic: Danielle Clark's Expert Tips for Indie Podcasters

149 Marketing Magic: Danielle Clark's Expert Tips for Indie Podcasters

Indie podcasters often struggle with marketing their shows, but Danielle Clark from the No More Late Fees podcast shares her expertise to help guide them to success. Danielle and her co-host Jackie draw on their experiences working at Blockbuster in the 90s to create engaging content. To effectively market a podcast, focus on identifying and leveraging its unique aspects, targeting the core audience, and delivering tailored content. Being selective about guests and staying true to the show's identity is crucial. Growing a podcast community involves claiming consistent show names across platforms, crafting informative bios, and having a polished logo. Adapting content for visual social media platforms requires creativity, such as using audio clips, visuals, and carousels. Building an email list is essential to maintain audience connection. Engaging authentically with listeners and avoiding spammy tactics is key to growth. Various strategies like review swaps, submitting to Apple, and conducting listener surveys can also help expand the audience.

(00:00:00) Marketing Tips from the Experts 

(00:03:27) Blockbuster Alums Share Podcast Marketing Secrets

(00:04:25) Marketing Expert's Blockbuster Friendship

(00:05:28) Leveraging Uniqueness in Podcast Marketing

(00:09:30) Targeting Your Podcast's Core Audience

(00:15:41) Protecting Your Podcast's Identity

(00:19:01) Growing Your Podcast Community from Scratch

(00:23:19) Optimizing Social Media for Your Podcast

(00:25:42) Crafting the Perfect Podcast Logo

(00:30:33) Maximizing Podcast Marketing on Social Media

(00:34:09) Navigating the Changing Landscape of Instagram

(00:41:04) Meta's Struggle to Replicate TikTok's Algorithm

(00:44:11) Rethinking Twitter Retweeting Groups for Podcasts

(00:50:35) Genuine Engagement: The Key to Podcast Growth

(00:53:24) Strategies for Growing Your Podcast Audience

(00:58:08) Mastering Instagram Stories for Podcast Marketing

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