153 Mastering Podcast Editing: Expert Tips and Tricks with Steve Stewart from Podcast Editors Academy

153 Mastering Podcast Editing: Expert Tips and Tricks with Steve Stewart from Podcast Editors Academy

In this episode of "Podtastic Audio," I dive deep into the world of podcast editing with the incredibly knowledgeable Steve Stewart, the mastermind behind the Podcast Editors Academy. Steve brings a wealth of experience and shares invaluable insights on how to make your podcast sound truly spectacular.

I kick off our conversation by discussing the basics of using Audacity, a popular and free audio editing software. Steve walks me through some essential tips and tricks for beginners, emphasizing the importance of clean sound and the benefits of using noise reduction tools. He explains how to create keyboard shortcuts to speed up the editing process and shares his personal experiences with different podcast editing software and tools that can enhance audio quality.

As we delve deeper, we explore the nuances of editing for content versus technical quality. Steve highlights the importance of removing distractions like background noise and ensuring consistent audio levels. He also shares his thoughts on the evolving landscape of video podcasting, discussing the pros and cons of adding a visual element to your podcast and how it can impact audience engagement.

One of the most fascinating parts of our conversation is when Steve talks about the challenges of working with subpar audio. He recounts a memorable experience editing an interview recorded in less-than-ideal conditions and offers practical advice on how to salvage poor-quality recordings. We also touch on the importance of educating clients about proper recording techniques to ensure the best possible audio quality from the start.

Throughout the episode, Steve's passion for podcasting and dedication to helping others shine through. He talks about the Podcast Editors Academy, a comprehensive resource for aspiring podcast editors, and the vibrant community of over 9,000 members in the Podcast Editors Club on Facebook. Steve's commitment to fostering a supportive and knowledgeable community is truly inspiring.

Whether you're a novice just starting out or a seasoned podcaster looking to refine your skills, this episode is packed with podcast editing tips, tricks, and expert advice to elevate your podcasting game. Steve's insights are not only practical but also motivational, encouraging podcasters to strive for excellence in their audio production.

Join me for this enlightening conversation and discover how you can take your podcast to the next level. And don't forget to stay tuned for the next episode, where I'll be stepping out of my audio element to have a conversation with a big name in the tech video and podcasting space. Until then, happy podcasting!

00:00:00: Introduction and Welcome 

00:02:21: Introduction of Guest - Steve Stewart

00:05:34: Basics of Podcast Editing

00:07:56: Client Expectations and Editing Process

00:10:25: Importance of Natural Sounding Edits

00:12:33: Tips for New Podcasters Using Audacity

00:16:36: Handling Poor Quality Audio

00:20:02: Simplifying Guest Recordings

00:24:13: Evolution of Recording Platforms

00:27:01: Handling Single Track Recordings

00:30:24: What Makes a Good Podcast

00:32:31: Video vs. Audio Podcasting

00:37:10: The Role of YouTube in Podcasting

00:41:18: Defining a Podcast

00:47:41: Podcast Editor Academy and Training 

00:50:47: The True Product of a Podcast

00:51:28: Closing Remarks and Contact Information

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