113 Enhancing Your Podcast's Message with David Hooper of Build a BIG Podcast

113 Enhancing Your Podcast's Message with David Hooper of Build a BIG Podcast

I have been in vacation mode all last week. Flying home from the islands of Hawaii. What an incredible place to visit. To share my vacation with you, I created a Hawaiian audio experience at the beginning of this episode. Using theater of the mind to transport you to the islands of Hawaii through the power of audio. Especially by using "stereo" audio to set the soundscape needed to enhance the scene. Not all podcast media hosts publish your podcast in stereo. One example is Buzzsprout. They produce your podcast in mono only formats. Be careful if you are using stereo sounds to tell you message on a platform that doesn't use stereo. 

Stereo audio can significantly enhance the soundscape of your podcast by creating a more immersive and dynamic listening experience for your audience. Unlike mono sound, which comes from a single source and can sometimes feel flat, stereo utilizes two separate channels, allowing for the placement of different audio elements in the left and right speakers. This spatial separation enables you to create a sense of depth and directionality, making it feel as if the listener is surrounded by the sounds. By judiciously using stereo panning, you can place voices and sound effects in specific locations, providing a more engaging and realistic atmosphere. Additionally, stereo can be employed to widen the soundstage, making the podcast feel more expansive and appealing to listeners. When used thoughtfully, stereo audio can add a layer of richness and creativity to your podcast, effectively enhancing your message and ultimately building a larger and more captivated audience.

Then I'm joined by David Hooper from Build a BIG Podcast. David Hooper is a media marketing expert based in Nashville, TN. He specializes in helping individuals and companies build audiences via broadcasting and podcasting. His latest book is Big Podcast – How To Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show.

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Thanks so much for listening, I really appreciate it so much. If you need any help with your podcast, feel free to reach out. My email is podtasticaudio@gmail.com